School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program

The Curriculum

Upper elementary, middle and high school social studies teachers participate in a quasi-experimental design teacher training in Civic Education. Grant is for Teachers of Native American Students. New Pilot program is now being held at the Crownpoint Middle School, in Crownpoint, NM for 5 sessions as well as in Clovis, NM.

Program Description

There are hundreds of school violence prevention programs in the United States. Many of those programs stem from attempts to keep conflict, fear, and the use of weapons form interfering with the daily operations of our nation¹s schools. One area conspicuously absent from the menu of violence-prevention offerings is civic education. Civic education has long demonstrated that knowledge of responsible citizenship has a definite role to play in the way our students act and think. The Center for Civic Education (Center) School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program (SVPDP) is designed to investigate ways in which civic education can be used as a violence prevention program. In May 1999, the Center was a warded a grant from the United State Department of Education to study how the teaching of civic education knowledge and skills can affect those attitudes that serve as early warning signs of violence among youth. The program has been conducted in urban, rural, suburban, private and Native American schools and continues to expand each year. (New Mexico has been given an opportunity to participate in the program by providing the program to teachers of Native American students.

Standards and Benchmarks

All three curriculum programs (We the People: the Citizen and the Constitution; We the People: Project Citizen; and Foundations of Democracy are aligned with the New Mexico State Standards and Benchmarks for all core disciplines (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science).