About Center for Democracy and Civic Education

The Center for Democracy and Civic Education (CDCE) is a non-profit non-partisan educational organization offering programs and professional development for New Mexico K-12 teachers. The Center promotes and supports the development of responsible citizens committed to democratic principles and active participation in representative government through the study of civics, law, citizenship, history and government in elementary and secondary schools.

The mission of the Center for Democracy and Civic Education (CDCE) is the promotion and enhancement of democratic values, civic competence and responsibility among New Mexico's elementary and secondary students.  CDCE seeks to create a network of classroom teachers, curriculum coordinators, educational administrators, parents, college and university teacher education programs, State Department of Education personnel and other interested citizens for the improvement of classroom instruction in civic education in a democratic society.

Board of Directors

•President: Sandra Burd

  1. Secretary/Treasures: Harry Weil

  2. Patricia Sacoman

  3. Jennifer Macdonald

  4. Patricia Concannon

  5. Dora Marroquin

  6. Bert Marroquin

District Coordinators:

  1. District 01 - Bert Marroquin

  2. District 02 - Patricia Sacoman

  3. District 03 - Sandra Burd


State Coordinator: Dora Marroquin Ph.D.